How To Stop Snoring

How Do I Stop Snoring Millions of people snore daily making various obnoxious weird sounds that are very disturbing and sometimes funny to others. When you’re told you were bringing down the house well you get it. Obstructions/blockages in the throat and nose are the main reason why these weird and crazy sounds are brought to life Of course, any interruption of your breathing is very dangerous for other complications Checkout…

The Best Pillow to Stop Snoring

The Best Anti-Snoring Pillow Over the last decade, the number of anti-snoring devices has increased. This includes pieces for the mouth, nose, throat, chin, tongue, and pillows. Surgical procedures can also be included under anti-snoring.   Anti-snore pillows have been around for years with claims of keeping the tongue and throat forward keeping the airway open. They come in various shapes and sizes for the side sleeper, body and cervical….

Nora Snoring

Nora Snoring If you suffer from sleep apnea or occasional snoring and are looking for a solution you might check out this little device that adjusts your pillow as you sleep. It is called the smart Nora and it fits inside your pillow and adjusts your head position as you sleep. Its made up of a couple devices. Pebble which listens for your snoring Mini pump that inflates an deflates…

Sleep Apnea Infographic

Sleep Apnea Infographic   Sleep apnea is one of those conditions where you go to bed as a couple but you wake up alone, which can be very detrimental to your health, Chuck out the cycle of Obstructive  Sleep apnea below..  

Snoring Scale

The Snoring Scale Infographic   There are roughly 90 million plus Americans that have a snoring problem. Snoring is generally not a quiet activity and can affect the amount of sleep of others. If others complain about the noise level of your snoring you may want to check out this infographic…