Reasons For Snoring

Reasons For Snoring   Every night thousands of people while sleeping start snoring at some point throughout the night. No one goes to bed with the expectation that they will start snoring once they fall to sleep. If you snore then you or the people around you are not going to get a good nights sleep so you need to figure out the reasons for snoring. Click here to learn…

Why Do People Snore

Why Do People Snore   Okay, we all snore a little from time to time but some of us can bring a house down along with our loved ones.  We snore but what is the reason we really snore? What causes us to snore and what are the different levels? Click here to learn more about why people snore.    

Travel CPAP Machine

Travel CPAP Machine   Okay, you’ve got sleep apnea and a CPAP machine to help you rest, relax and get a good nights sleep. If you travel around like I do the only drawback to your machine is its size. It’s small but still pretty big when storing in a suitcase so you need a travel CPAP machine. Click here to learn more about travel CPAP machines.

Elongated Uvula

Elongated Uvula   We are all freaks of nature with absolute great temples bodies I mean. Not one of us is identical in our makeup. We all have the same body parts but each a little different in size. One thing we don’t think of as being different is our uvula being elongated. Click here to learn more about the elongated uvula.  

Swollen Uvula

Swollen Uvula   The uvula is a very important part of your mouth and not really thought about. It’s just in your mouth no big deal. Well the uvula is something that affects how your mouth and throat work together to keep it all flowing smoothly. Get sick or some type of virus and you could end up with a swollen uvula. Click here to learn more about causes of…

Uvula Removal

Uvula Removal   I’ve got a little history with snoring and I know its not much fun for the snorer or those around him or her. There isn’t much sleep to be had by all. If you’ve had it for a while you have probably tried a number anti-snoring remedies with very little success. So whats next, ever hear of having your uvula removed? It’s thought that might be worth exploring….

Snoring Ayurvedic Remedies

Snoring Ayurvedic Remedies   Snoring is something that can be can be caused by a number of things and many of us suffer from it. Snoring basically is a constriction of air flow to and from your lungs causing you to snore and can lead to OSA. Ever heard of snoring ayurvedic remedies? Ayurvedic is a natural form of cures for ailments click here to find out more.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Infants

Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Infants   Having a healthy newborn is a joy we as parents have joy in seeing. Then bringing them home is icing on the cake and they are truly all ours. We watch their every breath as they sleep and their every movement when they are awake. Just part of being a parent. Any slight change in their breathing alarms us. Could this be obstructive sleep apnea in…

Snoring Remedies For Pregnancy

Snoring Remedies For Pregnancy   My wife is pregnant and expecting our 2nd kid. Everything is on schedule and both are healthy which is always a relief. Pregnancy brings about some changes to your body some welcome some not but snoring? She didn’t experience this during our first child but she has recently started snoring during this pregnancy. I found some snoring remedies for pregnancy. Click here to learn more

Is Sleep Apnea Genetic

Is Sleep Apnea Genetic   If you have sleep apnea you are probably wondering how you were so lucky to get this special condition. Having sleep apnea means you are suffering from sleepless nights and snoring not to mention the others around you that are suffering. Could sleep apnea be genetic? Click here to learn more about sleep apnea genetics.